CIAA: Nurturing Young Irish America

Irish Americans are the second largest ancestry group in the US with 36 million Americans claiming Irish ancestry. If the sense of connection is not to loosen, the attachment of the current generation of Irish Americans must be transmitted to the next generation. This requires a strong focus on young Irish America, and a prioritisation of the networks and programs that engage young people. The Irish-American family will continue to evolve in its own way, shaped by its own particular set of experiences and influences. The “Ireland of the mind”, will always exert a powerful pull but it should not, however, displace today’s realities. The relationship with Irish America must be a two-way one: a mature, reciprocal, 21st century relationship.

Education is part of the Irish DNA. Our education system has had a long history of international engagement and is globally respected. We are a small, safe and friendly country. Beyond the sphere of educational quality, Ireland also has a number of inherent advantages as a destination for international students, including our reputation for friendliness, good quality of life, a vibrant and unique culture and heritage, a young, creative and imaginative population, stunning scenery, and exciting activities, as well as a safe and secure environment for international students.

From an Ireland Inc. perspective, maintaining Ireland’s international profile and attractiveness is key for our continued growth. We will do this by educating the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and decision-makers in the U.S., who will make a difference in their own country and who will form vital networks of influence for Ireland. Offering students a unique, transformational experience that adds significant long-term value to their personal development and career outcomes is the core of what CIAA is presenting. “Mol an Óige agus tiocfaidh siad”

From 2008 to 2012, US firms invested more in Ireland than they had in the previous 58 years combined and in 2014 Ireland was the number one location in the world for the location of US FDI. Ireland is often described as “ one of the best markets in the world for attracting top high-tech talent”. Leaders in the business community in the US exhort the virtues of the Irish workforce, attracted greatly by our solutions-oriented attitude. The US-Irish economic relationship is two-way, with our investment in the US reaching a record $26 billion in 2013. Right now, over 340 Irish companies employ over 80,000 Americans in the US.

Ireland’s strong reputation as a creativity hotspot is not new, and there is ample opportunity to continue to engage and nurture our young people in the arts, business, and science to share insights on how to grow hotbeds of innovation. Building the creative networks and relationships is the basis for strengthening the transatlantic relationship going forward.

Parent / Family Trip

Why not join your child at the end of his / her program? We can help you develop a schedule for your trip, organise tours for you, and book accommodation around the island of Ireland.

Our mission is to provide you with an adventurous, fun and unique insight to the Irish heritage, while greatly improving your mastery of the English language. This programme has an equal focus on all the important skills of language acquisition – speaking, reading, writing, listening, and with an additional focus on public debating, personal and professional development. We believe that learning a language should be a fun and social experience, and we will also ensure you get the personal attention you need.