Arts Centre Modules

Iconic Arts figure, Padraic Breathnach and his talented team at the Galway Arts Centre will deliver the following tutorials-workshops:

Irish Mythology and American Popular Culture

This session would involve an illustrated interactive presentation on the influence of Irish Mythology on American Culture. This lecture will make the connection between Celtic Warrior myths and the stories of  American Superheroes in illustrated print and on film. It will also trace the origins of Halloween from the Celtic Druids to main street America.

Modern Irish Cinema

Irish film making has undergone a major transformation in recent years. Film makers have taken the influences of Hollywood and European Cinema to create a unique genre of Cinematic Art. This can be clearly illustrated by the prolific output in short films by young film makers. This session would involve a presentation of a program of recent Irish short films followed by a discussion.

Traditional Dancing

This practical workshop would teach the participants the basics of traditional step dancing and would end with a Ceilí where everybody would use the steps learnt to get on the floor dancing. The dance will teach the rudiments of Irish line dances such as “The Walls of Limerick” and “The Siege of Ennis.
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