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"I highly recommend the Celtic Irish American Academy. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be immersed in the Irish culture. My son felt immediately at ease being far from home because of the warm welcome he received from his host family. Every day brought a new adventure and a new opportunity to learn about the beautiful land and people of Ireland. It was fun to watch the group of students grow closer with each new journey. My son has grown in confidence because of this experience. His memories will last a lifetime".
Rose Egelhaaf, MI
"The CIAA’s program provided a balanced mix of fun and education, giving my daughter (Chloe) a boost of confidence before heading to university. She had the opportunity to be introduced to new cultures, both within Ireland itself and with the other students in the program, expanding her global view. The program enabled her to get a taste of being away from home, giving her a sense of independence and responsibility, which are valuable skills for life and college. Additionally, her attendance in the program made for a nice college resume booster and afforded her the opportunity to use it as a talking point in meetings with college representatives."
Charles MacGowan - 27/11/17
"This was the most active and awesome trip I have ever experienced. From playing hurling to going to the bog, to visiting the multinational companies such as Medtronic and Altocloud, we had a super mix of everything. I loved the traditional Irish food and the host family were amazing and so welcoming..."
"...Travelling through Ireland, hiking, horse-riding, biking- this truly was an adventure. I loved the business element and meeting Irish leaders of business, and particularly cool was the leadership lectures we received at NUI Galway and Trinity College. I will definitely be returning to Ireland for my college studies".
During my time in Ireland, I was not only able to fully immerse myself into the Irish culture, but also make life time friends. Right from the start, we were exposed to the importance of team work and that sense of a unit that I will carry with me forever. Class-wise, we learned so much about the importance of the business links between the U.S. and Ireland and also about the wonderful history of our forefathers. It was amazing to learn this about this amazing strong bond that exists. I definitely want to return to Galway to learn more and walk the beautiful cobblestoned streets ….and of course to cycle on Aran again! Thanks so much to the caring staff of CIAA for affording me this opportunity, this experience will be a major advantage on my college application.”
“CIAA is a brilliant program that provides high school students with the opportunity to become global citizens, gain world experience, enhance their resume, discover their passions, and more. The program prepares students to live, work, and succeed in a global economy. It also gives them the opportunity to grow academically and personally. The academic modules, day trips, and volunteering provide students the kind of life skills that can’t be learned in the classroom. Students will become flexible, independent thinkers, able to handle all kinds of experiences and situations that will prepare them for the challenges of college life.”
Brenda Singer, High School Teacher, NY
“Celtic Irish American Academy is an innovative and dynamic Academy offering an exceptional program. The directors, Dr Johanna Clancy and Mr Brian Fahy, bring to this program their excellent reputations as outstanding educators and leaders in school, university, community and sporting arenas. They are brilliant ambassadors for Galway and Ireland, and as the Mayor of Galway, I am really proud to see them develop this wonderful initiative for U.S. students. Ireland is often regarded as the 51st state, and this program helps strengthen this deep transatlantic bond for the next generation”
Councillor Frank Fahy, Mayor of Galway 2015/2016
“Galway Simon Community, an agency working hard to combat homelessness, are delighted to work in partnership with the volunteers of Celtic Irish American Academy. The contribution made by the American high school students this year, in collaboration with their Irish peers, was really commendable and extremely rewarding for all. The international dimension of this volunteering was particularly rich in spirit and endeavour”.
Amy Lavelle, Community Partnerships Fundraiser at Galway Simon
“This is a very insightful program for high school students, particularly those interested in leadership, innovation and business studies. As a lecturer of Innovation and entrepreneurship, I was amazed at the interest and know-how of these students and the really innovative ideas they had. The directors of CIAA are very passionate about exposing students to Irish innovation. The U.S.-Irish links of the future are in safe hands”!
Dr Majella Giblin, Lecturer of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at National University of Galway
“Ireland is the business bridge between the U.S. and the European Union. Altocloud is a company that operates in the U.S. and Ireland, and we appreciate the cultural and business links between the two countries. Celtic Irish American Academy gives students a unique insight into those links”
Barry O’ Sullivan, CEO of Altocloud, Silicon Valley and Portershed Galway
 “High school students interested in business and innovation have an excellent chance to develop their knowledge and enhance their resume. Entrepreneurial skills and global perspectives are explored in a dynamic forum, through a combination of classes at two Irish universities and visits to leading global companies, such as Medtronic and Guinness. This is a first-rate international program”.
Frank Green, President of Galway Chamber of Commerce, 2014 – 2016
"The time I spent in Ireland with the Celtic Irish American Academy was the highlight of my summer and the experience of a lifetime. I made amazing new friends and on my last day I did not want to leave Ireland. I will definitely be telling my younger brother to come. I never expected that I would leave Ireland with a deep love for traditional music and dance and also with a few Irish words – ‘slán agus beannacht’ haha"
"...We learned a tonne at St Enda's College - the classes were challenging and interesting. My favourite part was our service learning. We really got to appreciate what it is like to be a global citizen outside of the U.S. and learned the act of ‘giving back’ – we raised money for homeless people and we also volunteered at a youth soccer camp. It was such amazing fun”.
"My goal for a long time was to find a way for my daughters to gain a better understanding and appreciation of their Irish heritage. In doing so, my hope was for them to connect with Ireland and to become a proud member of the Irish diaspora. Attending the Celtic Irish American Academy, they were immersed in all aspects of Irish culture (i.e. the people, land, language, history, music, sport etc.). The program provided a safe environment where the students were well looked after by the host families and the CIAA staff. As high school students they were given just enough freedom to match their maturity level. My daughters returned home saying it was the best two weeks of their lives. Mission accomplished".
Patrick McNelis, NY
"We can't thank you enough for the experience our son and daughter had...The host family was wonderful, treating them as members of their own family. The variety of things that they did and saw, and the people that they met, really put them in touch with their Irish roots and gave them a sense of identity yet also a global awareness that they will carry with them for their entire lives. We enthusiastically recommend the CIAA to any young person who is looking for the experience of a lifetime"
Carolyn Cummiskey, NY
"...I was bombarded with hospitality and kindness. I met the amazing people running the program and my new friends whom I will never forget. Going to Ireland has always been a dream of mine and the CIAA filled that dream and more. I would recommend this trip to any high school student and I would do this trip again in a heartbeat"
"…I learned about many different things. I learned about culture, business, and even got the opportunity to volunteer with different charities. This trip allowed me to learn lifelong skills that I will keep forever. Throughout the trip, we went to multiple classes, where we learned about history, poetry, Gaelic, French, business, public speaking and debating. This trip was a blast and is an unforgettable experience."
"We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the staff at the Celtic Irish American Academy. Our son Conor spent two weeks this summer at the Academy and returned home with an increased awareness of his heritage, a thirst for knowledge of everything "Irish," and excitement and joy at having made new lifelong friends. Thanks also to "host" parents Aiden and Marian for their kindness and generosity and John Flaherty for his humor and friendship. Brian Fahy and Johanna Clancy are to be commended for an itinerary that made Conor's Ireland experience something he will forever treasure. GOD BLESS the CIAA!!! "
Kevin and Ann Marie Kelly, Charlestown MA
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